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Things gone viral? We’re proud to offer custom business web hosting solutions, that deliver exceptional performance. Reliable, honest, ultra fast web hosting for extremely high traffic business websites. With unrivaled support from a team of online business experts, determined to see you succeed online.

Please complete the form below and member of our technical team will be in touch to discuss your requirements. We’ll analyze your business and help you determine which custom web hosting packages is right for your business.

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Why host with us..

tick Great value, without sacrifice
Our custom web hosting accounts aren’t the cheapest, starting at around £499/month. But they are very powerful and reliable, and come with passionate tech support from OBC’s team of online business fanatics.

tickUnrivaled hosting performance 
With a minimum of 16GB dedicated RAM, load balancers, failover servers and inclusion on our content distribution network; your business is guaranteed to be online 99.99% of the time.

tickHosting that grows as you do
Our custom web hosting can be upgraded (or downgraded) as often as you need. Which means you won’t have to spend time and money moving onto a new server as your business thrives.

tickDedicated resources
Our custom web hosting packages are allocated dedicated resources, depending on your requirements. This includes server capacity, technical expertise, offsite monitoring and backup systems.

tickSolid premium security
Business critical security is of utmost importance. High value, high traffic sites are often the target of malicious intent, so our custom web hosting packages address all possible threats.

tick Virtually unlimited versatility
Whatever kind of custom hosting environment your business requires, we can usually accommodate and support it. Linux, Windows, PHP, ASP, Python, Content Distribution Networks etc.

tick24/7 Technical Support
We provide access to 24/7 technical UK based support with all our custom web hosting solutions, by phone, email or live chat.

tick100% Service Level Agreement
Our custom web hosting comes with a 100% Service Level Agreement, which means if your website is down because of our network, we’ll compensate your business for the downtime.

Frequent Questions..

Our custom web hosting accounts are perfect for extremely high traffic businesses. Most customers using our custom hosting packages are popular, international online retailers or communities who use their websites as their primarily business.

If you’re looking for something a bit let glamorous, check out our budget web hosting or our premium web hosting packages for small to medium businesses and websites.

Our custom web hosting accounts are set up however your business requires. We’re very flexible on the set up of your account and can accommodate most bespoke settings.
Our servers are based in the UK, but we include the option to put your business onto our content distribution network, which means your website is just as fast, wherever it’s accessed. Google takes the load time of your website into consideration when ranking it; on our network your website is always lightning fast and accessible, wherever in the world it’s accessed.
For custom hosting packages, our customer service team is based in the UK. We’re  experts in our own respective fields and always strive to deliver the best customer experience possible. We know how valuable your time is, we don’t want you wasting it dealing with issues that shouldn’t arise.
You can easily upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime you like, simply by logging into your account and requesting the change. It takes about 30 seconds to do.